Shows On Pause

Ah, life. The one caveat of living life is that sometimes priorities shift. New shows come on and they bump a few of the shows to second place. If only I could watch TV, watch movies, and read all day. In all honesty, though, I end up reading more than anything. Sorry! Anyway, here’s a list of shows that I’m not giving up on, but they’ve moved to second place while I focus on school and books and life. These are the guys I’m going to fill in the gaps with.

Heart of Dixie, The 

Update 04/24/17: I stopped watching a few episodes shy of the end of Season Two! I don’t know why, but for whatever reason, I can’t bring myself to watch the rest. I am determined to, though, because I love this show!

Librarians, The

Update 04/24/17: Hm, still no recap on Season One only because I’ve gotten really busy with school. And I still don’t have TNT so I’m behind.

Watch for a recap of season one, even though I know they are already into season two. Unfortunately for me, I don’t have cable so I can’t watch the current season. I am trying to decide if I want to season pass this one.


Update 04/24/17: Sadly, this one is on pause because of life. School takes most of my time and in the down time I do have, I have to prioritize. So, this one is on the back burner, for now. Definitely returning to this one as soon as I can. I just, the whole concept. nods Loving it so far.


Update 04/24/17: I missed the first few episodes of season two and never caught up so this one is one pause until time allows for me to catch up :P.

TV 411: Shadowhunters, An Introduction
TV 411: Shadowhunters, Season 1 Recap

I am so glad ABC/Free Form picked this one up. So glad. When the movie didn’t go so well, I thought my hopes were dashed to see this story transfer to film. If I’m honest, I really wanted to see a movie focusing on The Infernal Devices because I absolutely love Jem, Will, and Tessa. So to see it move to television gives me hope! Especially since we’re heading into Dark Artifices in canon.


Update 04/24/17: Never got the chance to catch up! With so many things going on I’m not sure I can catch up in the immediate future. I refuse to stop watching this one though. I love it too much. We’ll see what I can do in the next month or two.

So. Far. Behind. And that sucks for me, but I’m hoping to catch up in the next few months.

Vampire Diaries, The 

Update 04/24/17: I cannot even begin to explain why I have this one on pause except that I can’t bring myself to catch up. I can’t explain it because I really love this show. Missing an episode or two in the fifth season stopped me from going further and then I just couldn’t catch up when it was uploaded to Netflix. So. Bummed. But I refuse to put this on stop. We’ll see how life treats me the next few months.
TV Addict: Vampire Diaries, A Heartfelt Goodbye

OH. EM. GEE! This season is … yeah. I got a little behind so I may have to wait for Netflix, but … wow!