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updated: 04/24/17
updated: 05/19/16

The Big Bang Theory

Thankfully, I have found a way to keep up with this current season and I am excited to finally follow it as close to the episode debuts.

Game of Thrones

Update 04/24/17: Now that I have DirectTVNow, I’m starting this from the beginning. Can’t wait to get all caught up! Still so far behind and I am desperately wanting to catch up! Ugh!

Royal Pains

I still have to wait for the current season to upload to Netflix. Which sucks since they run on a different seasonal schedule than most. But it’s worth the wait.
TV Junkie 411: Royal Pains is back!
TV Junkie 411: Royal Pains, Season 6, The Beginning
TV Junkie 411: Royal Pains S7x1 – It has begun …



One of my favorites!

Sherlock (BBC)

One of my other favorites! Just that I have to wait for Netflix :P.


Oh, gosh. Stumbled on the trailer while “channel flipping” on Hulu and couldn’t resist sneaking a peek. Now it’s on my list. I mean, history? Time travel? What history geek would pass this up? Unless, of course, you’re distracted by the historical inaccuracies that bounds to show up in popular television.

Young and Hungry

I am really enjoying this one!
TV 411: Young and Hungry, An Introduction


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