TV Shows I’m Currently Following

The Big Bang Theory – Unfortunately, I don’t follow them during their current season because I don’t have cable and they don’t stream on Hulu. This is one of the only shows I purchase the season per DVD set when it comes out during the summer.

Buffy, the Vampire Slayer

Downton Abbey – 04/13/15 – I’m behind on this one as well, Season 4, and I’m on the fence on shelling this series as well.

Game of Thrones – 04/13/15 – I’m way behind on this one, but in my defense the HBO app is giving me problems! I may self this series for a bit.

Librarians, The

Marco Polo – On Netflix
TV Addict: Marco Polo, S1 Pilot
TV Junkie 411: Marco Polo, Netflix Original

Once Upon A Time
TV Junkie 411: OUAT, Heroes and Villains
TV Junkie 411: OUAT, Frozen story arch
30 Day Blogging Challenge: Day 18

TV Junkie: Reign, Season 1

Sherlock (BBC)

Sleepy Hollow
TV Addict: Sleepy Hollow Does Tarot Cards
TV Addict: Sleepy Hollow, S2x9 – Mama!

Supernatural – 04/13/15 – I’m behind a two season; mid-way through Season 9 and need to catch up on all of Season 10. I missed an episode or two in Season 9 on Hulu before it expired so of course I had to wait for all of Season 9 to finish before catching it on Netflix, which put me behind in Season 10.

Vampire Diaries, The
TV Addict: Vampire Diaries, A Heartfelt Goodbye

Witches of East End – 04/13/15 – Watched all of Season One before I realized they cancelled the show after Season Two. I’m not sure if I’ll continue, but … we’ll see.

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