Wise Words: Someday, it’ll make sense …

I keep this quote, or something very similar, in the back of my mind everyday. I’m a religious person so I believe there is a purpose to everything, but even if I wasn’t I think this would still apply. And this quote is renewed every time I hear survivor stories. In the aftermath of something […]

Wise Words: What box …

When I first saw this quote, a few years back, I wasn’t sure what to make of it and I’m still not quite sure what to make of it. I understand it’s dealing with limitations and placing that boundary on yourself, so get rid of it. But … well, okay. Maybe it is that simple […]

Wise Words: What’s coming will come …

Because sometimes I think we get caught up in the “what if”s. We want to be as prepared as we can be. We want to anticipate every move. But I think there comes a point when you’re prepared as much as you can be and you just need to trust yourself to get you through whatever’s […]

Wise Words: A Different Person

Now, I haven’t the opportunity to read Lewis Carroll’s famous books … to the end, but many of my favorite quotes comes from this tale including this one. Yesterday was another day, another you. Since then you’ve experienced some things, maybe even learned a thing or two, so today you’re a different you.

Wise Words: Head vs Heart

This tug-of-war is constant, is it not? We grapple with emotion and logic to hopefully reach reason. Emotion and intuition are powerful things and shouldn’t be overlooked or denied.

Wise Words: A Boat in the Harbor

And so is the return of Wise Words. I haven’t done this is a little while, but since it’s a new year, and not a major holiday, I decided to get started. May you realize your purpose this year and not just sit safely in the harbor.

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