Watching: Baywatch (2017)

  Tell me they have some of those slow-mo scenes! Because, seriously, that’s one of the reasons why I never really got into Baywatch growing up. It just seemed so . . . overly dramatic. Which now seems part of the fun. So I’m giving this a shot. Like I said, i wasn’t a huge fan […]

Watching: Nightwatch (2004)

Good film or flop? I heard about this movie some years back but never figured to watch it until now. Because it’s Friday. And I needed something to watch. The story seems so interesting and I’m always game for a good vs evil (literally) flick. So here goes!

Watching: Psych, the movie

Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!! Because that’s all I can say about this. I am so excited. So. Excited! I’m expecting everything these two, this entire cast!, brings to TV. I’ve missed them. So. Much!

Watching: Coco

Another Day of the Dead story! And I can’t wait to see this one. As with most cultural movies, I’m always curious. Curious to see how it’s done. Curious to see how they’re going to tell the story. Curious to see how it all comes together in funny, lovable movie that appeals to all levels. […]

Watching: Next of Kin

This movie will never get old. This movie popped into my head. Just, pop. I haven’t watched this in a while and figured it’s time for a rewatch. It will never get old. Such a good action flick. A little bit of everything for an action adventure fan. And not a bad way to wind […]

Watching: The Punisher (Netflix)

Genres: action Frank Castle. There’s a story there. Another show I never expected to add to my television roster. Truthfully, even at the opening credits, I was debating whether I should watch or not. There’s just already so many new shows, on top of my old shows, I didn’t know if I really should take […]