Blogging Update: New Post (but not new post) notifications

Maintenance Mode All right. I still don’t what triggered those pesky new post (but not new) notifications (my research shows that I had the private/publish settings correct and the type of maintenance I was doing shouldn’t have triggered it anyway but that’s beside the point) however, I do have a theory and a solution (thanks […]

My sincerest apologies!

I am terribly sorry! It seems my followers and subscribers have recently been receiving a lot of notifications of new posts (that aren’t new). I am doing some back-end work, mainly archiving posts and moving or deleting posts, and as far as I can tell that should not have set off notifications but it seems it […]

Blogging 411: Tada, a new look!

So, I’ve been swapping between one or two themes since the beginnings of this blog. While I like them, I figured it could use a new look. After I let the idea bounce around in my head (though I was pretty sure I already decided), I decided to go for it. I had hoped to […]

A New Look and Blog Updates

As you might have noticed, I’ve updated the look to 411 Junkie. Not by choice, mind you. I loved the look I had before, but for whatever reason, my menu bar just stopped working with that layout. No clue why.  This was the next best thing. Yes, it’s a WordPress theme, one of the Twenty-somethings. […]