Watching: Psych, the movie

Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!! Because that’s all I can say about this. I am so excited. So. Excited! I’m expecting everything these two, this entire cast!, brings to TV. I’ve missed them. So. Much!

Watching: The Carol Brunette Show 50th Anniversary

H-i-l-a-rious! A goodness, I love this lady. Timeless. Always classy. And funny as heck! It’s SO L. O. L. I’m so glad to catch this. And seeing all the big hitters in comedy in place, I can only think about the production crew and what a blast they must have had with all the behind-the-scenes […]

Watching: Blacklist S1

Continuing with this series … Because there’s something about it. I can’t really place my finger on it. It’s intense on one level, a touch of humor, drama, and high level mystery solving. Right up my ally. But I’m not sure, yet, what exactly calls to me. It’s puzzling. Probably why I keep watching. So, […]

Watching: The Punisher (Netflix)

Genres: action Frank Castle. There’s a story there. Another show I never expected to add to my television roster. Truthfully, even at the opening credits, I was debating whether I should watch or not. There’s just already so many new shows, on top of my old shows, I didn’t know if I really should take […]

Watching: Me, Myself, and I

This made only a small blip (a blimp none-the-less) on my radar for new shows for this fall season. The one reason I was hesitant about this one is the use of three different stages of the one character. I tend to lose interest with time jumps in the storyline. Usually with books (which is […]

Watching: 9JKL

Genres: comedy Mark Feuerstein did such a good job in all eight seasons of Royal Pains that I just had to sneak a peek in his latest sitcom 9JKL. Previews of the show did its job and hooked me. Expectations: Hilarity – the previews already teased this so I’m looking forward to it. Originality – this family-next-door […]

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