Nonfic Feature – January: Mastermind by Maria Konnikova

From the jacket: No fictional character is more renowned for is powers of thought and observation than Sherlock Holmes. But is his extraordinary intellect merely a gift of fiction or can we learn to cultivate these abilities ourselves to improve our lives at work and home? We can, says psychologist and journalist Maria Konnikova, and […]

Biblio 411 – Preview: Welcome to Night Vale

Genres: mystery, paranormal I have to admit, the title is what caught my attention. After all, it had the word “night” in the title and “Night Vale” was fun to say so natural I picked this up to read the jacket summary. And the cover helped too: I wasn’t sure if I wanted to read […]

TV 411: Royal Pains is back!

TV 411: Royal Pains is back!

Genres: comedy, drama Well, almost back. Out on May 2nd, but it’s not like I’m keeping track or anything. Don’t get me wrong, I’m enjoying Once Upon A Time, The Vampire Diaries, and Reign, but I miss this show! I miss Royal Pains because I really love their cast. Hank (Mark Feuerstien) and Evan (Paulo Constanzo) are great as brothers and […]