Table Talk: A Beauty, A Year, and A Day Zero

Okay, there are a few things that are happening that are kind of a big deal for someone who is all kinds of fangirl. First thing first. Let’s talk movies. A few days ago (or was it just yesterday?) the teaser trailer for Beauty and the Beast live action was released. And I know you probably all […]

Movie 411: Point Break (the new one)

Genres: action Director: Ericson Core Screenplay: Kurt Wimmer Story credits: Rick King, W. Peter Iliff, Kurt Wimmer Rated: PG-13 Released: December 25, 2015 The Hook: I just had to compare. You know? Ah,  Point Break. I have to admit, I was skeptical with this reboot. It’s hard to hear “reboot” when you really enjoyed the original so, yeah, skeptical. You […]

Table Talk: The Soundtrack

It’s that moment. The moment in the movie where the storyline comes to a peak. And then … cue music … the drama unfolds. And it’s in that moment, the moment the music plays, that makes everything in that moment a little more climactic. It just gives the moment more. I love soundtracks. In fact, […]

Movie 411: Ant Man

Genres: action Director: Peyton Reed Screenplay: Edgar Wright, Joe Cornish, Adam McKay, & Paul Rudd Story credit: Edgar Wright, Joe Cornish Comic Book credit: Stan Lee (in case you didn’t know), Larry Lieber, & Jack Kirby Rated: PG-13 Released: July 17, 2015 The Hook: Paul Rudd, and, well, isn’t everybody watching it? I have to say, I was ambivalent about […]

Movie 411: The Good Guy

Genres: love stories Director: Julio DePietro Screenplay: Julio DePeitro Rated: R Released: February 19, 2010 The Hook: Alexis Bledel It was a Saturday afternoon. I was caught up with homework, had sometime to myself, and had no idea what I wanted to watch. Surfing through Netflix, I came across this movie and it piqued my […]

Movie 411: London Has Fallen

Director: Babak Najafi Screenplay: Creighton Rothenberger, Katherine Benedikt, Christian Gudegast, & Chad St. John Released: March 4, 2016 Rated: R The Hook: Um, action, government conspiracy things, and I enjoyed the first film (Olympus Has Fallen which I realized I never reviewed! *gasps*) Okay, I have to say I was skeptical about this one. In my humble opinion, there […]

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