All 411: Happy Dance!

Because Autumn is here! It’s my favorite season. I’m not quite sure why it’s my favorite exactly since I live in an area where you can’t really see autumn, like with changing of the colors and everything. Maybe it’s because of Halloween. Except I never was a big fan of Halloween until recently. Maybe because […]

Coming Soon: Things I Want to Watch

Movie 411 The Accountant Premiering October 14, 2016 Jack Reacher: Never Go Back Premiering October 21, 2016 Hacksaw Ridge Premiering November 4, 2016 TV 411 Stranger Things On Air I’m on the fence about this one, though. A part of me wants to watch it, but I’m hesitant regarding just how freaky/scary it may be. But I’ve gotten […]

Movie 411: Gods of Egypt

Director: Alex Proyas Screenplay: Max Sazama & Burke Sharpless Rated: PG-13 Released: February 26, 2016 Genre: Adventure, Fantasy The Hook: Egypt mythology. That is all. I’m a sucker for most things action-adventure and all things mythology and magic (and paranormal-but not the freaky horror kind of paranormal), but I must admit, when it comes to Egypt mythology I am limited in […]

Sneak Peeks: Movie 411s (July 2016) updated

I’m sitting out in the yard this fine Wednesday morning, preparing myself to do some posting, when I realized I have already reviewed two of the three Sneak Peeks I mentioned in Sneak Peeks: Movie 411s (July 2016) (smh, I was using my Movies Watched – 2016 list and I hadn’t updated it yet)! So, here’s an […]

Sneak Peeks: Movie 411s (July 2016)

Since I put out a Sneak Peek for books I felt it necessary to follow-up with Movies and Television. So here it goes. Gods of Egypt Mortal hero Bek teams with the god Horus in an alliance against Set, the merciless god of darkness, who has usurped Egypt’s throne, plunging the once peaceful and prosperous […]

Movie 411: The Big Game

Genres: action Director: Jalmari Helander Screenplay: Jalmari Helander Story credits: Jalmari Helander & Petri Jokiranta Rated: PG-13 Released: June 26, 2015 The Hook: You know how there are some movies that someone suggests watching and they don’t sound fascinating, but then you get a little curious so you decided to give it shot? So, yeah. This movie. I wasn’t sure […]

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