Biblio 411 Review: Diet Right for Your Personality Type

Biblio 411 Review: Diet Right for Your Personality Type

Diet Right for Your Personality Type: The Customized 30-Day Rapid Weight-Loss Plan to Outsmart Your Eating Patterns and End Your Bad Habits Fast by Jennifer Widerstrom Published by Harmony on February 7th 2017 Genres: non-fiction Pages: 304 Goodreads The 411 Junkie Rundown: Widerstrom takes a different approach to dieting. She focuses on the fact that […]

NaBloPoMo: 2017 Report Card

Mission Accomplished . . . ? I must say, I’m pretty proud of myself this year. I know there are things that could have been done better than they were, but my focus was to reach that daily posting challenge. And I am happy to report out of the 30 days I missed posting on […]

Buffering …

Oh, boy. *insert facepalm emoji* There’s this scene in Megamind where Megamind is just about to kick Titan’s butt and all he needs his gun so Minion goes to grab it and toss it to Megamind but he’s waiting for it to warm up. He calls out “Buffering!” (Disclaimer: typing this from memory so it […]

Happy Thanksgiving 2017!

I am thankful for . . . Stories. Happy stories. Exciting stories. Adventure stories. Keep me at the edge of my seat stories. Throw my book against the wall stories. Remember when stories. Laugh out loud stories. Stories with witty dialogue, a mind blowing plot twist, a swoon-worthy hero, a confident heroine. Stories that teach. […]

Random 411: Gift giving season

It’s that time of the year . . . Ah, the gift giving season. If you’re like me, you tend to contemplate on the perfect gift up until the week of Christmas when you scramble to get a gift card. Sound about right? I know it describes my gift giving pretty accurately. Though that wasn’t […]

Cutting it close! (And headaches)

Wow! I did not realize the time and almost missed posting today. I almost let it go because I’m not feeling well. A headache earlier this evening had me zoning off into space for some time. I ended up trying to read. And now that the headache pills I took seem to be working, I […]