Wise Words: A Different Picture

How many times have we assumed things are supposed to be this way? When I think of that–supposed to–another question immediately comes to mind, “why?”  Why are things supposed to be this way?  Is it the status quo? Is it a necessity to do it this particular way? For safety? Because “I said so”?  Sometimes we have […]

Wise Words: Believe in Magic

   I have yet to finish this book, but I love all the popular quotes, this included. And this one is one of those quotes where you know the point they’re making and yet have a hard time explaining, at least for me it is. The logical side of me is like “magic is fictional” […]

Wise Words: Real things

Because you are made up of your own life experiences just as much as the person next to you is made up their own life experiences. Real is what you go through.