Table Talk: The Information World

Information: General or specific knowledge about a subject, event, or person. Let me take a break from reviews a bit to talk a little about the information world. Why? Excellent question. How to answer this is another matter. My blog is mainly reviews. I like talking movies, books, and television and my blog provides a quick […]

Educational Pursuits: It’s not all about History

So, a while back I talked about going back to school and then why I’m a history major, but that’s not the whole story. Nope. It started with a career search. And ended with a decision to register in school to go for a Bachelor degree in History. I was working as an Admin Assistant […]

Table Talk: The Library – “an organized collection of sources of information …”

I have to say, I never would have guessed I’d someday work in a library. As much as I loved our local library growing up, as much as I loved to read … ever, growing up it never occurred to me that I could actually work in a library. It never crossed my mind and […]