Study Break: A little closer to the finish line

What a semester! These past eight weeks had my mind wrapped up in linguistics. I wasn’t sure what to expect when I registered for this class. All I knew was that I always wanted to learn a second language, I am a history major, and it would be to see what “a study of language” […]

Life 411: Majors and minors and stuff

Will you look at that? It’s already Friday! Unbelievable. Now, you’ll be so very proud of me because I’ve put my homework as a priority. I mean, you’re rooting for me to graduate with a degree, right? I know I am. I know I mentioned it before, but linguistics is proving an interesting challenge. I […]

Random 411: School and things

Is it Saturday? Already?! I can’t believe I went a whole week without posting a single thing! Ugh. But to argue my case, I have read. Reading this: Which has things like this: It’s part of my assignment to write a book review. Huh, an official book review. Like for a grade. Like to further […]

Random 411: Thoughts on higher education

Three years ago I had this overwhelming desire to go back to school to pursue a degree in something. I decided I wanted to pursue a liberal arts degree over a trade degree because I wanted to train my mind to think a certain way so I can be adaptable, and hopefully a valuable asset, […]

Life 411: Electives, electives, electives

A little while ago, I reviewed my academic plan. All colleges/universities have a version of this plan, but what I love about American Public University (part of the APUS which includes American Military University) is their academic plan is straight-forward. You choose what type of educational path you want to embark on and they generate […]

Study Break: The convenience of eTexbooks

I am entering my third year of school, halfway through my sophomore year, attending an entirely online university (American Public University if any of you were wondering). And while I have many things to say about the convenience of attending a university such as this, I’m not going to because I want to talk textbooks. […]