Wise Words: A Total Waste of Time

Note: So, I had typed this out October 12th and realized, just now, that it didn’t get posted cue an eye roll. And I was debating whether to just wait until this next week to do so, but since it’s been 15 days (Ugh, 15 days!) since my last post, I just had to hit […]

Wise Words: A Different Picture

How many times have we assumed things are supposed to be this way? When I think of that–supposed to–another question immediately comes to mind, “why?”  Why are things supposed to be this way?  Is it the status quo? Is it a necessity to do it this particular way? For safety? Because “I said so”?  Sometimes we have […]

Wise Words: One sentence

Words have power. I’m not sure most people realize just how much power words carry. It has the power to give sadness, anger, frustration. It has the power to break friendships and mame relationships.  But when used with respect, with care, with caution, it can heal, it can motivate, inspire, cause joy and contentment. It […]

Wise Words: Journey Wisely

Journey wisely. This quote is profound in the sense that it advises to let things go, chose things that matter most to you, and don’t dwell on unecessary things. Because we know that we can’t do everything we want or everything that needs to be done in 24 hours, especially if you’re counting sleep. So, […]