Random 411: New family branches

What a night it’s been! Talk about an information junkie’s paradise. From Wednesday until tomorrow my grandfather’s mother’s relatives are hosting a four-day family reunion. It’s the third year we’ve done a camp out-slash-luau and every year I’ve learned something new. This year, I’ve had the privilege of going more than one night and boy […]

Random 411: Chinese immigration

Sundays are the days I usually talk family with my grandmother. She shares an interest in family history with me and since we’ve started converting paper records to electronic ones, it’s been fun trying to link my huge family together in my brain. Today I worked on a basic matriarchal timeline from me back to […]

Random 411: The Hawaiian Senate, Territory of the USA

It’s been an interesting month for Family History for me. For the past year, I’ve been helping my grandmother transfer her hard copy family records to a digital database. (I’ll admit it. I’m using a paid program to keep track of my family records–Roots Magic. I love it, by the way) The hard part is […]