Table Talk 411: Reviewing reviews and stuff

I enjoy a good review. Before deciding to add more movie and book reviews to the cloud, I would do an Internet search on the movie or book I was interested in and browse the reviews. GoodReads was my go-to for books and IMDb was my go-to for movies. I like reviews because they seem […]

Blogging 411: A jump in numbers!

Wow! I mean, WOW! I’m floored. My blog stats have jumped from an average of 20 to 30 views per day to 167 in the past two days! It seems people are doing a lot of google searching for “Happy February” and are stumbling across my Happy February post I did last year. See? Amazing! I’m […]

Writing 411: The Editorial Calendar

Well, when I first started taking blogging seriously, I wasn’t sure where I was going with it. I didn’t think I’d be posting regularly or have a good amount of followers or anything like that. I just wanted to get over my fear of writing for public, or should I say, get comfortable with “public” writing. […]

A Better Approach to “Write Every Day” | You don’t always have to force yourself to write every day, but you do need to make the time and space to spend with your writing as regularly as you can. Sent using ShareThis

Showcase Your Best Work With a Portfolio

What a great idea! I didn’t realize this feature existed so I decided to reblog this. I’ve been meaning to put a portfolio together and now I have something to try. Happy Blogging!

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