Blogging 2.0: Facebook Developer App

So, I’m trying to get my posts to stream onto my Facebook Page. I downloaded the plug-in for And proceeded to read their instructions. What’s interesting is having to create a Facebook App in order to do this. What’s frustrating is I’m not a developer. WordPress’ instructions are pretty straight-forward, thankfully. What’s not straight-forward […]

Blogging 2.0: The move to

I wasn’t going to do it. Nope. No siree. I was doing good on But then, something asked “why not?” You see, a part of me wants to go ahead and possibly make a living out of this, even if it’s miniscule. I mean, paid to write? How awesome is that? Paid to blog? […]

Blogging 2.0: Adding Facebook Plug-in

This was a tough one. I knew there was going to be a learning curve so I’m in it for the long haul. But wow! I must have added like four to five developer apps on Facebook before I realized I kept adding them! It’s fun, but frustrating. And here’s my test run to see […]

411 Update: 04/13/15

Every now and then inspiration strikes and you just have to move things around, add things, change things, and well … update things. I haven’t done a post to specifically note changes I made to my blogshpere, but I feel like I should start. At the very least, it’ll provide a record for me to […]

411 Toolbox: The toolbox

A few months back I decided to write about tools of the trade or, well, tools that I use to keep my brain occupied and help me to be the information junkie that I am. I kicked it off by reviewing Evernote–a pretty darned cool app that … well, you can read all about it […]

Blogging 411: The Facebook Page, it is done

I’ve been on the fence about creating a FB page for this blog for a while now. The main reason for my hesitation was because writing is a part of me so why bother creating a separate page just for my blog. Do I really want to maintain separate identities? The more I thought about […]