Blogging 411: Is it imperative to post on a daily basis?

Is it Imperative to post on a daily basis for you to have a successful blog? Daily posting isn’t imperative to have a successful blog, but consistently posting is. I read once that not everyone reads everything on your blog and I agree with that since I know I don’t read everything on the blogs […]

Random 411: Sleep can be so annoying!

Last night I got off of work at 8 p.m. Made it home by 8:35 p.m. Finished my dinner around 9 p.m. And then found myself waking up around 3 in the morning. I didn’t realize I fell asleep! Last thing I remembered thinking was, “I’m going to read for a few minutes and then […]

411 Toolbox: Mental Floss on YouTube

YouTube is an Info Junkie’s best friend. Seriously. there’s so much you search for on YouTube these days that if you’re not checking it out, at all, you’re missing the fun. A few months ago I spotlighted a few of the YouTube Channels I watch regularly … Spotlight 411: InfoJunkie’s Top 5 YouTube Channels. In […]

Biblio 411: How To Make Money Blogging

Author: Bob Lotich Released: August 1, 2010 Published by: Rendren Publishing The Hook: Can I really make money by doing what I love doing? When I first set up my blog, I didn’t do it for money. And I know everyone says that, so I’m sure I’m preaching to the choir, but seriously, the purpose of my […]

Blogging 2.0: The “Like” Button

Oh boy. Call it vanity or whatever but I was wondering why I wasn’t getting “likes” on my posts. Before migrating from to, my posts would get “likes” on occasion and a comment here and there. Not every posts and not every day, but I’d say every other day and every other post. […]

Blogging 2.0: Let’s try this again

I’ve transferred just about everything from one blogging platform to another. I’ve installed all the plug-ins that I need to get up and running semi-smoothly. Now, let’s see if it works. If this does work, then I’m finally going to get back on a regular posting schedule. As much as I liked the break I […]