NaBloPoMo15: That Job Your Parents Had!

As a child, I never really thought about the jobs my parents had. I didn’t understand what my dad did until adulthood, but growing up I would tell my peers and teachers, “My dad sells paint.” Turns out he was a paint distributor of “marine and industrial coatings” and he owned and managed the marine […]

NaBloPoMo15: Year Two!

  It’s that time. National Blog Post Moth time. And while I am three days late to post something on the topic, this is a better track record last year. So, I first discovered NaBloPoMo mid-year last year while I was trying to figure out ways to improve my writing and my blog. When November […]

NaBloPoMo15: That One Job!

When you were younger, what did you think was the coolest job in the world? Gosh, pick an age range because I must have thought three or four jobs was the coolest job in the world before I settled on a career in film or computers or much recently history. Attitude aside, I really did go through […]

NaBloPoMo15: That One Toy!

Growing up, I was blessed with a good amount of toys. But as a child, you don’t know that you’re blessed. Of course not. You always want what you can’t have. I swear it’s written in our DNA and stays there until you’re … well, forever for some people and at least past puberty for others. […]

Hello November 2015!

I don’t believe it! It’s November. Already. My absolutely favorite month of the calendar year! Can you believe it? Seriously, where did the year go? Sighs. Well, the frequency of my posts should be a huge hint with how busy things have been. Battling allergies, sickness, taking on a new job position, moving to a […]

Random 411: Midnight at McDonalds

This is why I should always, always, have my CAN (Catch-it All Notebook) with me wherever I go. As a writer, albeit not a professional writer, I should know better. I really should. I’m sitting in the parking lot of McDonalds, picking up a friend from work. It’s midnight and before leaving home I thought […]