Writing Junkie 411: We write because …

So, a few months ago I did a post on why I blog (feel to read that here: Blogging 411: To write or not to write, is it even a question). And I realize blogging is very similar to writing so why should I even think to do a post about writing. Well, let me […]

Writing 411: The Editorial Calendar

Well, when I first started taking blogging seriously, I wasn’t sure where I was going with it. I didn’t think I’d be posting regularly or have a good amount of followers or anything like that. I just wanted to get over my fear of writing for public, or should I say, get comfortable with “public” writing. […]

Showcase Your Best Work With a Portfolio

What a great idea! I didn’t realize this feature existed so I decided to reblog this. I’ve been meaning to put a portfolio together and now I have something to try. Happy Blogging!

“The glint of light on broken glass”

I came across this blog post this morning and just had to share it. If only to earmark this new knowledge and perspective on writing. Showing, not telling makes sense. It’s an excellent point.