TV 411: BBC’s Sherlock, The Abominable Bride

Created by: Mark Gatiss & Steven Moffat Network: BBC Show Debut: 2010 On Air: 2010 – present Episode Title: The Abominable Bride Episode Debut: Jan 1, 2016 What a heart-stopping episode! I usually try to stay away from anything that would scare me, like all things that fall in the horror genre, because I have […]

TV 411: Young and Hungry, Season 3 Recap

#SpoilerAlert! You have been warned. Created by: David Holden Network: Free Form (formally known as ABC Family) Debut: June 25, 2014 On Air: 2014 – present Season 3 Hook: Jake or Josh?! Jake or Josh?! So, Season 2 ended with Gabi and Josh’s brother. His brother! And Josh ended up “letting her go.” And off […]

TV 411: Scorpion, Season 2 Recap

A thought on these recaps: I haven’t really settled on a way to do these season recaps for TV, which is part of the reason I was unsure about reviewing TV stuff, but I just can’t leave it, you know? So, bare with me while I figure out my voice for TV ;). Created by: Nick Santora […]

TV 411: Scorpion, An Introduction

All right. I was all ready to go ahead and give Season 2 a review when I realized that I never did any posts about Scorpion. Not an intro. Not a single episode review. Not even a preview. So, here I am. Writing an intro and I’ll have to see if my mind can slow down […]

TV 411: Young and Hungry, An Introduction

#SpoilerAlert! You have been warned. Created by: David Holden Network: Free Form (formally known as ABC Family) Debut: June 25, 2014 On Air: 2014 – present The Hook: Did she just do that? On the first day?! Shut up! Okay, so when I first stumbled upon this show it was because I saw parts of the pilot on my way […]

TV 411: Shadowhunters, Season 1 Recap

Genres: fantasy, supernatural, young adult It’s a recap so … spoilers! Ah, Shadowhunters. The latest addition to my TV Show queue. You can catch my intro here. With the pilot debut in January, this show has made it through its first season on air and has done a pretty good job with it. If you want […]