End of Binge Watch: Hart of Dixie

Over a year ago, July 2016 to be exact, I found myself wide awake with nothing to do (read all about it here). Finding myself seven episodes deep during my first sitting, I decided I liked this show. Loved this show.  With in seven days, I made it to Season 2 Episode 14 and a […]

Progress Report: The past nine months

With the year close to its last quarter and the fact that I haven’t been as diligent with posting this year, I decided to give an overall general progress report on some of the books, tv, and movies I’ve checked off so far. Let’s start with TV. Television Scorpion: I slacked off with Scorpion! By the […]

Sneak Peek: Psych, The Movie

Oh my gosh! I cannot believe it. This post popped up in my feed and I can barely contain my excitement! I miss this show so much. So. Much.  You read that right. Psych fans are getting a movie. A movie! As the post mentions (which you can read here) it picks up three years […]

TV 411: The Royals – An Introduction

** SPOILER ALERT: Proceed at your own risk ** Creator: Mark Schwahn Network: E! Entertainment Television Premiered:  March 15, 2015 The Hook: Shows about royalty, or things royal-like, story lines always grabs my attention. It’s not because I’m smitten with the idea of a court or with the glitz and glamor. It’s always because I’m […]

All 411: Happy Dance!

Because Autumn is here! It’s my favorite season. I’m not quite sure why it’s my favorite exactly since I live in an area where you can’t really see autumn, like with changing of the colors and everything. Maybe it’s because of Halloween. Except I never was a big fan of Halloween until recently. Maybe because […]

Binge Watching: Hart of Dixie

So, I didn’t mean to start this series. But I found myself waking up, wide awake at midnight. My mind couldn’t focus enough to read and I’m caught up on the shows I wanted to be caught up and didn’t feel like finishing up the couple of shows I wanted to, so … here I am, […]