Table Talk: How Can I Get Interested In Reading?

As I answered on Quora: For someone who prefers moving pictures to words on a page, I would say start with graphic novels. Graphic novels have a little bit of both–pictures and words; kind of like picture books for young adults and kids-at-heart. Graphic novels have a variety of storylines, including renditions of popular movies. […]

Table Talk: New TV

With me finishing the Gilmore Girls series and Eureka, Psych, Warehouse 13, and White Collar series at an end, there’s opportunity for me to add a few more shows to my plate. Sorry, online streaming has just made it too convenient to keep up with TV now days. The beauty that I can hold a […]

Table Talk: The Snape Controversy

Well, you have to love Buzz Feed. They have some cool stuff. And the fact that I can waste minutes of my day taking their quizzes, no matter how hard I try not to, confirms their uber popularity in today’s virtual world. But what I really enjoy reading is their lists with those little .gifs […]

Table Talk: The Library – “an organized collection of sources of information …”

I have to say, I never would have guessed I’d someday work in a library. As much as I loved our local library growing up, as much as I loved to read … ever, growing up it never occurred to me that I could actually work in a library. It never crossed my mind and […]

Table Talk: Non-Fiction Reads

Okay, who reads non-fiction? Raise your hand … *raises hand*. Well, I’m sure I’m not the only one, but it’s not often I discuss non-fiction reads with other people. I mean, I know that non-fiction reads cover a vast variety of subjects. You have self-help, philosophy, cook books, medical books, books about writing, autobiographies, biographies […]