Table Talk: The Information World

Information: General or specific knowledge about a subject, event, or person. Let me take a break from reviews a bit to talk a little about the information world. Why? Excellent question. How to answer this is another matter. My blog is mainly reviews. I like talking movies, books, and television and my blog provides a quick […]

Table Talk: The Unfinished Book

I know every bookworm has one. At least, most of us have one. The unfinished book. The one book where no matter how many times you try–and I mean really, really tried–to read the book you just can’t finish it. Whatever the reason. I mean, you’re really interested, I mean you seem interested. Every time […]

Table Talk: Two Stories in One Season

Genres: love stories, young adult Okay, so do you remember that blog post I wrote around two weeks ago. This one here >> Table Talk: A Beauty, A Year, and a Day Zero. It seriously was a fangirl week for me. So much good news in the entertainment industry. So much. Well, the day after […]

Table Talk: The book that changed your life

Have you ever come across a book that had a huge influence on your life? Made you see things differently? Maybe motivated you to do something you never thought you’d do? Gave you that push you need to be the person you wanted to be? If I’m honest, I know there are several books I […]

Table Talk: A Beauty, A Year, and A Day Zero

Okay, there are a few things that are happening that are kind of a big deal for someone who is all kinds of fangirl. First thing first. Let’s talk movies. A few days ago (or was it just yesterday?) the teaser trailer for Beauty and the Beast live action was released. And I know you probably all […]

Table Talk: The Soundtrack

It’s that moment. The moment in the movie where the storyline comes to a peak. And then … cue music … the drama unfolds. And it’s in that moment, the moment the music plays, that makes everything in that moment a little more climactic. It just gives the moment more. I love soundtracks. In fact, […]

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