First post of 2018

I’ve been thinking about this first post for about two days now. Since the clock struck midnight January 1st until now. With the third day of January less than an hour away, I wanted to write an entry before midnight. Looking back to some of the first posts of 2017, I realize I don’t want […]

Listening: [podcast] On the Page Ep. 538

Show Biz Trends for 2018 I’ve got a lot of the show left to listen to and that’s because I had to rewind some parts because 1) it something that should be noted and 2) a point well made so I had to listen to it again. Looking forward to see what the industry is […]

Show Biz 411: Updates in some favorite fandoms

Fangirling! If you’re a fan of . . . well, anything, you can relate to that growing excitement, almost giddiness, when something new is happening in your fandom. Simply put, a fangirl moment (or fanboy)! It may be a newly released novella or a season renewal, a possible spinoff of a minor character, or even […]