Cutting it close! (And headaches)

Wow! I did not realize the time and almost missed posting today. I almost let it go because I’m not feeling well. A headache earlier this evening had me zoning off into space for some time. I ended up trying to read. And now that the headache pills I took seem to be working, I […]

Random 411: Gaming apps

I never cared for games. Or, at least, games like Candy Crush and the like. As a matter of fact, up until yesterday the only gaming apps I had on my phone were Mind Games and Curious and I don’t think they can really count as games. At least under my definition which are games […]

Random 411: An unanswered question

It started with a question . . . Where do you see yourself in five years? I never could answer that question. All I knew was that I didn’t want to do what I was doing at that time, an administrative assistant. The job had good pay and decent benefits and I was fairly good […]

Back to Work Day

Well, today it was back to work for me. After a two week break, it’s back to the daily grind. Back to the normality of driving to work, working a 9-to-5 job, driving back home, rinse, repeat. As cumbersome as it seems (huh, cumbersome. Such a big word), it’s not too bad. First of all, […]

Random 411: The Personality Test

[Side bar: I know what you must be thinking. You just posted you went to see Thor: Ragnarok and you’re postng about a personality test? Are you serious? I get it. The thing is, though, I just came out of the movie. Two things need to happen before I actually post a decent review. The first being […]

Study Break: A 411 reflection

Yeppers. I’m taking a break from my studies of Ancient Rome (taking a closer look and Roman law and paterfamilias, in case you were wondering) to give some thought on the year so far. Which is almost done considering we’re nearing the halfway point of October. In true 411 junkie fashion, I just had to take […]