Watching: Coco

Another Day of the Dead story! And I can’t wait to see this one. As with most cultural movies, I’m always curious. Curious to see how it’s done. Curious to see how they’re going to tell the story. Curious to see how it all comes together in funny, lovable movie that appeals to all levels. […]

Watching: Justice League

Okay, don’t hate me but I’m not a huge comic/superhero fan but I don’t not like them either. So while I wasn’t really at the edge of my seat for this release, I’m giving it a shot. I’ve been hearing mix reviews, more bad than good, but I kind of liked the DC movies that’s […]

Watching: Bright

Urban Fantasy I’m excited to see this one. Been waiting for it since the preview. Either my mind is drawing a major blank or there really isn’t much, but I can only think of Mortal Instruments: City of Bones as a movie that’s urban fantasy that seems to take place in this world. Of course, […]

Watching: Next of Kin

This movie will never get old. This movie popped into my head. Just, pop. I haven’t watched this in a while and figured it’s time for a rewatch. It will never get old. Such a good action flick. A little bit of everything for an action adventure fan. And not a bad way to wind […]

Watching: Baby Driver

Drive. Fast. You know, this movie never made my radar until recently. The trailer looked exciting so it sat in my queue. It took me a while to warm up to the idea of watching it. Not quite sure why, just that I wasn’t sure if I wanted to dive in. All I know about it […]

Rewatching: Pride and Prejudice (2005)

“It is a truth universally acknowledged . . .” Watching Pride and Prejudice, again. Actually. It’s weird, but I was reading up on Ancient Rome, prepping for my research paper on private law in Rome, when this movie popped up on a website I was viewing. And that made me think, “huh, haven’t seen this one […]