A New Look and Blog Updates

As you might have noticed, I’ve updated the look to 411 Junkie. Not by choice, mind you. I loved the look I had before, but for whatever reason, my menu bar just stopped working with that layout. No clue why.  This was the next best thing. Yes, it’s a WordPress theme, one of the Twenty-somethings. […]

Random 411: Thoughts on the new year (so far)

So, here we are. Twenty-four days into 2017 and I’m wondering if I’ve been productive enough. You know, if I’m off to a good start or not. And as always, I’ve thought a lot about this blog, what it means to me, and what (if any) are the plans for its continuation into 2017. Should […]

Blogging 411: Frustration!

So, I just discovered that some of my posts are getting posted to my “inactive” blog and not this blog. It’s this app I tell ya, but I’m sure it’s partly operator error. Because of this discovery, please excuse the random posts that will pop up because I’m moving them over. Your patience is much […]

NaBloPoMo15: Wrap Up!

What a month! Can you believe in 30 minutes it’s December 1st? That is, for folks in Hawaii Standard Time. I realize that half of the world is already into December 1st. The point is, can you believe it’s already December? Where did the year go? And just 30 days ago, National Novel Writer’s Month […]

411 Junkie: Unplugged

In the past five years technology has almost tripled in efficiency and productivity. We have continuity across all devices, whether it’s your laptop, your smart phone, or your tablet. It’s amazing! You can continue to work on your research on your phone even though you’ve shut down your computer and have gone mobile. You can […]

Week Ending: A week of writing

This upcoming week will be the final full week of National Novel Writing Month and all its equivalents, including National Blog Post Month. The goal for novel writers is to hit 50,000 words towards that novel by November 30th, 11:59 p.m. The goal for National Blog Post Month is to post to your blog everyday. […]