Knock, knock

Well, that happened.

A year break from blogging. More than a year, really. Unintentionally, of course. Life happened and then one month slipped into two then slipped into five. By then I figured I’m so behind maybe I should let it slip into the internet ether, never to return.

But I guess it’s a bigger part of me than I could ever imagine because even though I haven’t written anything in over a year, my bullet journal has notes on blogging ideas. With the chaotic state of the world today, I figured I should revisit blogging and writing.

A few things though.

  • I’m not reading as much as I had in the past. A part of me really misses it but with school and work and life, I just don’t have the free time as I once did. So rather than set myself up for disappointment and force myself to read, I’m scaling back on reading to maybe one book a month. I figure I can at least do that.
  • Movies and television are easier to review since I can sit and watch an hour television so that might populate my blog more than books, for now.
  • I have a project that has also been in the works since 2018 that I would like to really focus on: Uncertain Knowledge. I’m taking all the knowledge of the blogging world I’ve been a part of for the past ten years and creating a writing and research project that I hope to turn into a habit.
  • For those who would like to peek into what I’m doing from time to time, feel free to visit my personal page: Jei-Nhy Barino.


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