Where the heck are you?


This is one of my favorite quotes–though, admittedly, I’ve never read the book. It’s the one quote I always come back to when I check in with myself and see how I feel about what’s going on with my life. I try to be sure I know where I want to get to or, at the very least, the general direction I want to go before beginning my journey.

However, with certain changes and life events currently in motion, it’s been rather difficult to figure out what direction I want to go. According to this quote, I feel like I’m just walking along. Sort of aimless. Sort of not.

A few posts ago I mentioned a change in direction. I’m excited about it but I’ve stalled. I have the basic structure of what I want but now it’s time to write the content.

And I’ve stalled.

And speaking of stalling, I’ve stalled on this post, LOL! My intentions were to post it sometime in June, but alas, I’m posting it now.

Because I think I’ve finally snapped out of this weird . . .  gray space I’ve been in these past few months. Or close to it. Or finally thinking I can work around it. Whatever it is, I’m taking this open door and running with it.

Only time will tell how long this door will stay open, but for now it feels good to be back.

So, I’m off! Reading stuff. Writing stuff. Just doing, well, stuff!


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