It’s Spring!

I guess it really shouldn’t shock me that my allergies have been flaring at least once a week with it being spring and all cue eye roll.

The plan was to stay up past midnight doing homework, organizing paperwork, posting a few more reviews. But no-o-o. My eyes are itchy, my nasal cavity is congested, my throat is sore, and all I want to do is call it a night.

So instead of sticking to plans, I’ve popped a Benadryl and curled up with my phone, calling off the day with a post talking about why I’m not posting because I’m determined to keep posting stuff 😂. Ah well.

Thank for all the trouble you’re causing me, Spring. But know that you’re not in last place as far as favorite seasons go. At least you still have cool air and spring showers 😉!

Спокойной ночи! 😴


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