Blogging 411: Updates

Well, will you look at that. We are halfway through March.

It seems that lately all I can do is comment on how fast time is flying by, but can you blame me? It seems to be slipping by pretty darned fast if you ask me. And I think I could write a whole post on why things seem to be going by so fast and explore the psychology behind that, but I won’t at this time.

Instead, there have been a few things I added that I figure it deserves its own post. I thought it may be keen to point out that I’ve finally made reviewing policies. Or guidelines. Or whatever it is you call them. To say that I’m strictly a book, television, and movie review blog is a bit of a stretch, even though I keep mentioning that’s what the purpose of this blog is. Even so, I never really took the time to think about and draft a review policy. I’ve had the privilege of working with some authors and reviewing some of their books. Regrettably, I didn’t have a concrete reviewing policy and I think that needs to be remedy if I’m to continue any further, even if I’ve blogged reviews for some time now.

So, behold, I’ve created a book reviewing policy, a television reviewing policy, and a movie reviewing policy. These can be found in one spot, on this page.

The television and movie reviewing policy is similar, if not slightly modified (did that just make any sense?). All include how I evaluate each type of media, how I add up my star ratings.

By doing this, I feel things should be more consistent. That and that you’re actually going to see why I gave it the star I did.

You folks have a great time!




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