Hello March 2018!

Has it truly been that long? That it’s been about eleven days since my last post, a month since my last review post, and thirty-five days since my last “You there?” Post?

Jeepers is this year just flying by. That or Jeepers I’ve been in my head far longer than I’d like.

School is still kicking my butt, only double time now. To be sure I stay relevantly on track for graduation I had to double up on classes. At least four weeks in a sixteen week semester I will be enrolled in two classes. That may not sound like much but with the university’s suggestion that I schedule at least 32 two hours for a six-semester credit course on top a forty hour work week, things do get exhausting.

Between my history course, France in the Age of Enlightenment, and my philosophy course, Enlightenment Philosophy, my head has bounced back and forth between Rousseau, Montesquieu, and recently added Machiavelli, Bacon, and Grotius. Yep. The Social Contract, The Prince, all that in my brain.

I love it, of course. Not even being sarcastic about it (total info junkie, to remind myself of course), but he does leave very little room for other interest and hobbies.

And probably why I woke up with a splitting headache! I’m laughing, of course. Because I was thinking how sleep is sometimes very annoying for me yet we are very much physical creatures so sleep and food and drink. All necessary. I know all that but sometimes the mind just doesn’t want to sleep. Not saying it’s not important, just mentioning I sometimes . . . overlook it. Ugh! Why am I explaining? INTP. Period.

So, anyway. Even though I’m doing a double dose of school on top a full time work schedule, there needs be balance. Which is why I haven’t let go of blogging just yet. The one semi-creative, rabbit hole to relax my mind. Just a scotch.

And I’ve got twenty two more days in March so . . . making it count!


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