Where the heck have you been?


Eek! I know, I’ve been MIA, but I honestly can’t believe that much time has lapsed between posts so I’m hoping to steer myself back on track. Day seven of the second month of the year two thousand and eighteen is shaping up to be one chaotic month as my mind tries to catch up to reality.

Here are the three main reasons why I’ve been MIA for the past week and a half.

Last week I was taking a mental health break!

I needed it! The last full week of January I found myself stuck with three major research papers there were due by that Sunday. I’m not sure how I got myself in that position, but let me tell you, three research papers, each having an 8 to 10 page minimum is brutal. Two papers were on a philosopher and the third was on jurisprudence in Ancient Rome. Despite the challenge (I mean, really, really challenging), I have to admit it was kind of fun. And I got a solid A grade on all three, thankyouverymuch, but my brain needed a much-needed break to do nothing.

A Month of Letters and InCoWriMo! 

Usually, I have an hour or two in the evenings to think upon topics for my blog and get to writing those thoughts, but with the monthly challenge going on, I’ve little to no wiggle room. I haven’t worked out how to accommodate two past times just yet so I’m thinking February will be a bit sparse. Unless I can get with the program (which I hope to). Until then, this challenge happens only once a year and it’s something I’ve done for the past few years so . . . forgive me if this month is a bit lacking on my usual.

I’ve been playing around with Google Forms!

Okay, I know this seems way out of left field, but for months now I’ve tried to create a pen pal log/pen pal database that can help me keep track of the pen pals I have along with what they sent and what I sent. Watch for a post on this because I. am. so. close! So close to having it down.

These three reasons have truly zapped my energy, for the most part, so hopefully I’ll be back to normal now that school work is light for the next week or two.


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