Book Review: Many a Twist (County Cork #6)

Book Review: Many a Twist (County Cork #6)Many a Twist (County Cork #6) by Sheila Connolly
on January 9, 2018
Genres: contemporary, mystery
Pages: 320

The 411 Junkie Rundown

We know that Cork County is the best place to live in Maura's world so I'm skipping that. But there's a new hotel developer in town and he's looking to set up shop for the high end clientele he caters to. Of course that's when things take a turn. Maura's life, and life in West Cork gets interesting in this installment.

The Hook: Does “I really, really, really like this series” count?

Because if it does, that’s it.

The Good

Since this is a series, a cozy mystery if you will, that I love and keep returning to characters, voice, setting, etcetra are a given as good so I’m skipping that. Unless there’s a new character that I love 🙂 .

  • A deeper look into Maura’s life. And I know that I just said “I’m skipping characters” but in this one Mrs. Connolly takes a sharper look at Maura and who she is so I’m adding that as a plus. I really like getting to know Maura and I appreciate the way Mrs. Connolly is doing just that. A slow progression while weaving it into the mystery of the dayI like Maura and I like the way her character is developing.
  • Seamus and company. They don’t count as characters because they’re not a permanent fixture :P. We were introduced to Seamus a couple of books ago, but I like the way he was used in this mystery. He and his crew kept us engaged as the mystery unfolded. Engaged and entertained (though I’m not sure entertained is the right word to use when you’re thinking of murder).
  • The twist. Actually, there are more than one twist in this story (aptly named, mind you) and I liked this one. From Maura and her crew to the mystery to Maura herself. Fans of the series won’t be disappointed (well, I know I wasn’t). Needless to say, this is why I keep going back.
And the Not so Good
  • The writing structure. I may have mentioned this before, may have mentioned it several times, but I think it needs to be repeated. And I’m not sure if I’m explaining it right, but the prose is rather dry and straight-forward. Does that make sense? It doesn’t bother me a whole lot, and I think it’s part of the charm, but sometimes I wish the dialogue or even the scenes had a little more color? Just a bit more lively? I’m not sure how that can be achieved (maybe with different wording?).  
With that said . . .

I’m still in love with this series if only for View Spoiler », but I just love everything about it so yeah. That.



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