Book Review: Text, Don’t Call, an Illustrated Guide to the Introvert

Book Review: Text, Don’t Call, an Illustrated Guide to the IntrovertText, Don't Call: An Illustrated Guide to the Introverted Life by Aaron Caycedo-Kimura
Published by Tarcherperigee on August 15th 2017
Genres: non-fiction
Pages: 133

The 411 Junkie Rundown

Actually, the title covers a very good description. It's book that pretty much sums up introverts--what we're like, how we cope, misconceptions. And they do it with humorous illustrations as well.

Short and to the point. And it has pictures!

This caught my eye for two reasons, 1) I’m an introvert and 2) An illustrated guide piqued my interest. As an introvert, I always felt that something was wrong with me. I was different from those around me. I was called a book-worm or a geek, and they weren’t compliments until geeks went mainstream. Because, geeks rule! (now, anyway. It wasn’t always like that)

The Good

And speaking from my experience as an introvert . . .

  • Information was pretty accurate. Everyone is different. Even those who are the same personality combination, they can be very different people. But, most of the things INFJoe points out that introverts do was on point. I could relate to everything he touched on.
  • The illustrations were funny. The one thing that makes the information relatable were the illustrations. They were on point as well, showing witty humor that all introverts get. And maybe some of our extroverted friends as well.
  • It provided a good start for further research. With just over a 100 pages and pictures taking up a good third of it, this book is a quick read. It provides a good launching point and a short and sweet description of just who we are, introverts that is. We’re often misunderstood and I like the idea that this book tries to explains to others what goes on in an introverts mind.
And the Not so Good
  • I mentioned that the book was just over 100 pages, right? With the book being short, there were times I felt some points were oversimplified. Introverts tend to be complicated human beings since most of energy and thought process is directed inward instead of outward. Over simplifying  can be a dangerous thing.
With that said . . .

This is a good book to start your research on introverts. It provides a basic overview of who we are, what we do, and how we think. As I mentioned, some things are oversimplified, but I think it was purposely made that way. As mentioned, introverts are complicated and there is no need to scare of those who are trying to understand us. This book provides information in a clear cut way that I think most readers will get.


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