Book Review: Panicked Premonition (Psychic Eye Mysteries #15)

Book Review: Panicked Premonition (Psychic Eye Mysteries #15)A Panicked Premonition by Victoria Laurie
Published by Berkley Books on July 4th 2017
Genres: mystery, paranormal
Pages: 353

The 411 Junkie Rundown:

In this new mystery, Abbey contends with an overbearing woman who has eyes on her man while investigating, both physically and psychically, a horrible murder scene all while trying to find a missing friend who may have had something to do with it.

Funny and entertaining with a touch of heart-wrenching mystery

SPOILER ALERT: Just letting you know this post may contain spoiler about the characters and/or plot. Do not read further if you don’t want to be spoiled.

Okay, I seriously can’t believe it’s been a year since I found this series. After reading the first book in the series, I was hooked. I ended up binge-reading the rest of the thirteen books that were out, patiently waited for the fourteenth book released–thankfully!–a couple of months later. The downside is that I had to wait until now to read this one.

In true Abby Cooper–ah, I mean Abbey Rivers–fashion, she’s forever trying her best to reconcile her psychic sense with reality. There are general things I love about this series, which, it seems, I never got to posting (and I’m being all dramatic and gasping because I never did), and then there is book specific.

The Good
  • Dave is back and he’s in the spotlight. When Dave moved to Texas, I missed reading about him, even though it was only small snippets. He has always been, has been from book one and I loved that he and Abby were friends. Someone she could count on. He went missing for a few books and I’m glad he’s returned for this one.
  • We meet Dave’s old lady. Surprise! We get to finally meet her and then I got super happy because we finally get to meet her. I think she’s awesome.
  • Abby and Candace. I’m sorry. I just like this duo (second only to Abby and Dutch). Candace just gets Abby and . . . you know, they get each other. I tend to get a bit annoyed by both of them from time to time, but the balance they create together seems to smooth things over for me.
  • The mystery. With a mystery series, it’s always a risk that the stories will end up repeating. The same story just with different characters, different words, and a slightly different outcome. It pops up in my thoughts every time I get caught up in a running series. I’m glad to say that this one didn’t seem redundant. I liked how I got thrown a bit. I mean, that’s the point, right? A diversion in which you think you know whodunnit, but then it seems too easy so you think it’s a diversion and then you . . . anyway. I really did enjoy how Laurie wrote this mystery.
  • The sadness of the mystery. Okay, before you chew me out for saying that I liked the tragedy, I like it in the sense that is done well. You’re meant to feel what they feel, are you not? Well, I felt. And it was so bittersweet. So I’m sticking it here.
And the Not so Good
  • It was a scoatch violent for me. I guess I should clarify and say that it was a scoatch of unexpected violence. I could handle the crime in this one, don’t get me wrong, but it side-swiped my mental capacity a bit. I had to mentally shake myself a few times before I could get back into the reading groove. It seemed so . . . cold. I can’t remember a past Psychic Eye mystery being this violent (or my brain can’t think of any at the moment).
With that said . . .
  • I really miss Milo. Yes, I realize this has nothing to do with the sort, but I thought it while reading so I’m saying it. I miss his presence. It’s not possible to have all characters in every single book, so I’m okay with it. Just saying, I miss him.

This is still such a good series that I can’t wait for the next one. It’s funny, intriguing, and overall enjoyable.



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