Watching: Justice League

Okay, don’t hate me but I’m not a huge comic/superhero fan but I don’t not like them either. So while I wasn’t really at the edge of my seat for this release, I’m giving it a shot.

I’ve been hearing mix reviews, more bad than good, but I kind of liked the DC movies that’s been released to date. I liked Man of Steel and enjoyed Wonder Woman. I also didn’t mind Suicide Squad. I haven’t watched Batman vs Superman (because, again, not a huge fan) yet so I can’t comment on that one, but overall I don’t think they’re that bad.

On their own. In their own right as a movie and not compared to their comic book source material (just making that clear).

So, giving this a shot and seeing what they did with it. Go Justice League!

(Except that I really, really wish they would do a Dark Justice League because I’d be all up in that! Constantine. Just saying)


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