Reading: Nothing at the moment

Reading Slump
Reading Slump

Have you ever had one of those moments where you really want to read something, but nothing seems to interest you?

It’s a rare occasion this happens to me, but when it does it comes with a vengeance. Aside from the occasional book that’s on my list to review, I haven’t been able to finish a book I  chose to read for the past two months! At the very least it’s been two months. Yep, confirmed it on GoodReads.

Maybe it’s the fact that the year is almost at an end and I’ve exceeded my reading goal by 30 books. 146% according to GoodReads.

Maybe it’s the fact that I have unfinished business with a few books. I’m trying not to be too hung up on it and keep telling myself “just get on with it will you?” but I cannot. I’m itching to read The Dire King, but, alas, I’m a coward. To be fair, I am seriously contemplating reading it this weekend.

Maybe it’s the fact that I’m anticipating the release of a few good books in 2018. Shelia Connolly is releasing book six of the County Cork Mysteries and I absolutely love that series. Maura just rocks (see my reviews of them here). And the release date is only a couple of weeks away.

Whatever the reason, I’m in a reading slump. We’ll see if I can kick myself into gear and make the last push for 2017.


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