Blogging 411: Thoughts on Reviews

A Changing World

A lot has changed in the blogosphere since I first started blogging seriously in 2013. There is so much more information out there and so many people turning to the internet to not only make a name for themselves, but making a living on what they’re doing.

When I first started taking reviews seriously, I based my book reviews on whether the book was worth adding it to your library. The same went for movies, “is it DVD worthy.” Looking at the way things are now, it’s hard to say whether I’d actually buy a book or a movie to add to my personal library. The world is changing. We’re streaming more and more content than actually purchasing. It’s been a while since I bought a DVD. I guess I could always shift the focus to a personal digital library, but, again, that just means the world is changing in the way things are done.

To add or not to add

So, I wonder if it’s worth continuing with that same template. “To add or not to add.” Does it even matter anymore? I realize that streaming content won’t always be so readily available, that Netflix swaps content on a monthly basis. I suppose it is still a relevant question to ask.

Thoughts on Reviews

I decided to take a closer look at how other reviewers review. I’ve always done this, more or less. There are about five blogs I regularly visit myself so this wasn’t too back-breaking. Many are still reviewing on a scale. I suppose that’s relevant because that’s what people look at. Come to think of it, that’s how I look at it. Tell me you didn’t pass on a book or a movie because had a 3-stars or less. I tend to skim book descriptions if the ratings are really close to 3-stars. I don’t ignore them, I just take a mental note and tag it as a “maybe” for future further review.

Perhaps scale ratings are the way to do things. More things to think about in this fast-changing world. And something that’s worth staying on top of.


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