The cold season

It’s been a wonderful, absolutely wonderful few days because the temperature has been so, so cold (by Hawaii standards, so don’t get all “you call that freezing” attitude on me)! We’ve been hitting the high 50s and it’s been socks, sweat pants, hoodie kind of weather. I love it!

But you don’t drop into freezing weather and not go away unscathed. Co-workers have been getting sick left and right. Fortunately, I haven’t had the pleasure, yet, and I hope I don’t get in the cross hairs of The Cold.

I do have some other problems to contend with, though. More mental than physical but it’s still the season so … hopefully my mind will pull itself out.

And I can’t wait until it does. I have a few posts lined up. They’re just waiting for some polishing up and they’re good to go.

In the mean time, I could let another day go by without a post 😁.


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