Under Construction Mishaps

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Under Construction Mishaps: Hilarious

So, I’ve noticed, twice now, that I forgot to turn off my “under construction” setting! I find it hilarious. I mean, you have a feature that’s easy to use. Whenever I want to take my site down for maintenance, I just click on this button on my dashboard and it’ll set my site to “offline, under construction.” When I’m done, I click it off and it will put my site back online. As you probably guess, I keep forgetting to click that button off so my site stays under construction until I realize it’s off!

That is so me though. Goofing up the simplest of tasks because my mind is going 100 mph and my body is trying to catch up. I’m not surprised. And truthfully, I do get just a smidge irritated with me because that’s sometimes as much as five hours that my site is offline (not like I have a whole lot of traffic, but still. You know?).

So, I’m hoping it’s something I just need to get used to. Maybe setting up an actual schedule. But I’m not a big fan of schedules. In that even though I spend time and create one, I find myself not following it a few days later.

Until I get my act together (or figure something out. Or just remember to turn it off), I apologize in advance (and if it’s happened in the past) for any visits that took you to the “under construction” that seemed to be up for far to long to be general maintenance.


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