Buffering …

Oh, boy. *insert facepalm emoji*

There’s this scene in Megamind where Megamind is just about to kick Titan’s butt and all he needs his gun so Minion goes to grab it and toss it to Megamind but he’s waiting for it to warm up. He calls out “Buffering!” (Disclaimer: typing this from memory so it my recall may be a little off, but it went something like that)It’s hilarious. I’ve used it often.Well, my wireless internet connection is down again. Or at the very most it’s reached dial up speeds (for those of you fortunate souls who never experienced dial-up, just know it’s super slow. Like slower than LTE slow), kind of like “Buffering!”That’s mighty inconvenient for a couple of reasons. The first is my school work. It’s hard to attend an online university when you have little to no internet connection. It sucks just a scotch when that homework includes research, which, if you don’t already know, is kind of all encompassing with a major like European History.

The second is my dutiful daily blog post. With NaBloPoMo down to 25 hours, I don’t want to miss it. I have good track record this NaBloPoMo and I want to keep up that streak. It’s a bit superficial, but I do like seeing most of the squares dark blue on JetPack’s WordPress Insights (for those unfamiliar, just know that that dark blue means I published at least one post). I’ve been told that it’s not a good thing to obsess over stats, and I’m not, but just seeing those squares go dark gives me this sense of accomplishment, you know? Especially when your goal is to try and post something once a day. Try to get my groove on, so to speak.

Aside from this two reasons, not having a good internet connection just sucks for an info junkie. I know it sucks for most people, since we live in a world that pretty much operates on a constant internet connection, but looking up stuff is what info junkies do. Whether it’s aimlessly looking up stuff (or clicking on this link to get to that link to get to that other link to starting your internet search all over again), watching a documentary (which I found Amazing Hotels E1 “Marina Bay Sands, Singapore jaw dropping), or taking an inventory in the books read, having a strong internet connection is just better.

And to clarify, this would be accessing WiFi from a laptop, not on a smart phone or tablet. A tiny screen is super useful when you want to bank out a quick post (kinda like what I’m doing now), but a laptop or desktop is so much better. For me anyways. And especially if it’s for a prolonged period of time.

But I get that that’s life. As frustrating as it sometimes can be, I also know things like that just happens. That’s life. And I don’t mind rolling with the punches.


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