Rereading: The Duff

Rereading: The Duff

The DUFF (or Designated. Ugly. Fat. Friend.)

In case that needed to be explained.

And, yep, another reread. I’m not sure what is it about this month, but I’ve had these nudges to revisit books and movies. I think it’s something about those stories that I just have to read again.

So, the DUFF. The first time I stumbled across this was the movie, about a year or so ago (maybe a little more than a year). I liked the movie well enough and decided to stick in my queue for TBRs. And finally got around to it earlier this year and absolutely loved the book.

Bottom line for a reread: I love Bianca. I really do. And I love how she is with her friends and with Westley and with her parents. It’s an all-around kind of love.

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