Reading: Diet Right for Your Personality Type

Reading: Diet Right for Your Personality Type

An interesting approach

Let me start by saying I am not dieting. Not really anyway. I’m not a diet-er. I know it sounds bad, it probably is bad, but I’m owning it. A big part of it is I really don’t like to cook. Not that I can’t, just that I prefer not to.

But this book caught my eye because “personality type” is in the title. Since I’ve been taking a closer look at my personality type, I thought how that might apply to dieting and imagine my surprise when I googled “diet based on personality” and this book popped up.

I just had to take a look at it.

So, I’m looking forward to seeing how a Widerstrom breaks down diet and exercise into personality types. It makes sense to me. That personality does play an important part in eating and exercise. If people learn in different ways, talk in different ways, why should diet and exercise be a one size fit all? If understanding that I’m more analytical and don’t like to manage other people helps me choose a happier and better career for myself, why can’t understanding how my personality might affect diet and exercise help just as much?

I can’t wait to see how that’s done.

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