Watching: The Punisher (Netflix)

Genres: action
Watching: The PunisherFrank Castle. There’s a story there.

Another show I never expected to add to my television roster. Truthfully, even at the opening credits, I was debating whether I should watch or not. There’s just already so many new shows, on top of my old shows, I didn’t know if I really should take this one on.

But I’m curious. And it got the best of me.

I was never a comic book fan, but I watched the first movie. I remember liking it. It had a lot of action, and a good dose of violence, and I couldn’t help but appreciate the story.

And I’m curious. Curious about how a comic book character and story will translate to TV. Lately, there’s been a slew of them to hit television (or at the very least, streaming services) and

So, here I am. Indulging in at least the first few episodes to see where it will take me. The good part about this is that it’s a Netflix show so the entire season is already uploaded. I can’t tell you how much I like that.

Here I go!


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