Biblio 411 Review: P. S. I Like You by Kasie West

Biblio 411 Review: P. S. I Like You by Kasie WestP.S. I Like You by Kasie West
Published by Point on July 26th 2016
Genres: contemporary, love stories, young adult
Pages: 330

411 Junkie's Rundown

Bored one day in class, Lily scribbles a lyric to her favorite song on her desk. The next day, someone else finished it. What started as a teeny-tiny bit of vandalism quickly becomes a friendship, bound together by shared interests, miseries, and a burning curiosity to find out who the other is (and yet, not wanting to find out) because they each found a piece of themselves in each other.

The Hook:

It’s a Kasie West novel. I’m thinking I should move her books to my exclusive list. That one list of authors you automatically read because you’ve loved everything they’ve written. Oh, and this one includes letters (or at the very least note-passing) and that is always a plus.

The Good
  • Love the story. Who doesn’t want to find someone based on words alone? No pre-judging. Just words and witty conversation with someone who speaks the same language. Since I’ve been writing letters to others all my life, this storyline resonates with that inner geek in me. Aside from the note-passing, the setting works, the pace of the story works, and everything wraps up nicely.
  • Lily’s family. I really love reading Lily with her family. Broken homes are somewhat popular today (parents divorcing, single parenting, etc.) that it was refreshing to read something like Lily’s family. They have their quirks, but love and support each other.
  • The “problem” within the story. You have the note-passing, who-am-i-writing-to thing that you would think is the major focus. And it is, -ish, but then West adds another dynamic. The family life is one and then challenges these pen friends face together. I love that it wasn’t all about the letters.
The Bad
  • It was short and sweet. Ugh! This really could straddle both the good and the bad. I’m not usually one to appreciate a 5-book series, especially when the series is in progression. Cliffhangers are barely tolerable for me. But I definitely could read a bit more about Lily and her world. Again, it can straddle both good and bad because even though I would love to read more about this world, I love the way it ended.
On that note . . . 

I am truly shocked that I didn’t do a review of this book. I enjoyed it so much my book hangover took over and fogged my brain. That’s my only excuse. And, really, I’m a bit biased when it comes to Kasie West. As mentioned, she’s one of those authors I can count on to get me through a semester. When reading dense materials for class assignments, I want light and fun when I have downtime. West does that well. I’ve read her books (all except Pivot Point) multiple times already and this one tops the list.


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