Show Biz 411: Updates in some favorite fandoms


If you’re a fan of . . . well, anything, you can relate to that growing excitement, almost giddiness, when something new is happening in your fandom. Simply put, a fangirl moment (or fanboy)! It may be a newly released novella or a season renewal, a possible spinoff of a minor character, or even bigger, a television or movie option.

And of course, you can’t keep good news to yourself. No matter how many fellow fans have reported it.

So here is me, fangirling over some buzz around a couple of my favorite fandoms.

An Official Convention

It is a very rare occasion, let me repeat–very rare, that a television series decides to host an official convention in my state. Hawaii is a popular destination, no doubt, but things like a SUPERNATURAL CONVENTION  does not happen. Let me repeat this. AN OFFICIAL SUPERNATURAL CONVENTION! Creative Entertainment has decided to come to Hawaii and they will be here (I mean, they’re already here, but you know what I mean) from November 17 (that’s tomorrow, if you were curious) until November 19.

SPN Hawaii 2017 - Fangirling!

And I can’t go!

A once in a lifetime opportunity in my backyard and I cannot attend. You have no idea how much I’m crying inside that it’s a missed opportunity for me. A part of it is because I didn’t know about it until last week (on the second week of my two-week vacation, mind you so I couldn’t just request for another two days. Or shouldn’t) so of course I had nothing saved or planned.

Another part of it is simply because I can’t afford it. As awesome as it is that it is Hawaii, it’s on another island. By the time you total flights, hotel, car, and the passes, even getting creative with public transportation, you’re looking around $800 at best. It may have been possible if I had known about it earlier, but as you can probably tell, it wasn’t really promoted on the outer islands. And I’m sure if I stayed on top of the fandom, like a good little fangirl should, I would have known about it sooner. Except, school. And, sick. So, sadly, a missed opportunity.

But still so freaking excited that THEY’RE COMING TO HAWAII! That THEY ARE IN HAWAII! Like, RIGHT NOW!

SPN Hawaii 2017 - Group


So. Awesome. Creative Entertainment mentioned they won’t be returning in 2018 and there is a very slim, but not impossible, chance they will be back in 2019. So here’s hoping.

And until then . . .

Welcome to Hawaii, you wonderful people you! I hope you enjoy your stay. 

I absolutely love this series.

Book to TV Series: All Souls Trilogy by Deborah Harkness

All Souls Trilogy is the wonderful supernatural world of Deborah Harkness. It’s a well written, well thought out, and absolutely amazing adventure and if you haven’t checked out the series yet, add it to your list! You’ve probably heard of books/stories/things changing someone’s life. This series was mine. But we’re not talking about me.

We’re talking about their break into to television! By BBC! How awesome is that? BBC never disappoints (well, they haven’t for me anyway. Not yet) so I’m so glad they were the ones taking point on this. Truthfully, it’s been in the works for a while now, but casting announcements have been made and it looks like pre-production is schedueld for 2018 according to this:

And to the amazing ladies at Daemons Domain. Which leads me to another fangirl moment because if you’re a fan of this series and haven’t heard of Daemons Domain, now you have. And you need to head over to their website for the latest and greatest in this series. They also have an amazing podcast, Daemons Discuss, where they talk about this magical world. It is definitely a wonderful indulgence to geek out about these books.

TV Series to TV Movie

Psych: The Movie is set to première December 7th!

I’m so excited. You can check out basic information on USA Network’s blog, here, and I’m also sure there are a gazillion other sources to read more about what’s happening with their movie. Especially if you follow Psych’s social media accounts.

Just in case, however, here’s a sneak peek at their trailer:

I miss them! It’s been almost four years since this duo has made us L. O. L. so I’m can’t wait to see where they’ve been and how they’re doing.

At the same time, I’m hesitant. The series ended well. A satisfying ending. There’s always a risk, for me anyway, when you have a continuation. Will it end well? Will I get mad? Will I be happy? What if it doesn’t? End well that is.

But it’s Psych. And it’s Shawn and Gus and Jules. There’s no way it’ll be disappointing (just remember, it’s always a 99.9% for me, lol).

And my excitement far outweighs my apprehension.

Three for Three

So that’s books, television, and movies all in one update. A good day in show biz. Of course, I’m sure there’s more updates out there, but I haven’t had a change to really buckle down. But these three have been hightlights of my week (even with my disappointment on missing SPN in Hawaii) and I’m super stoked for these favorite fandoms!




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