Watching: Me, Myself, and I

This made only a small blip (a blimp none-the-less) on my radar for new shows for this fall season. The one reason I was hesitant about this one is the use of three different stages of the one character. I tend to lose interest with time jumps in the storyline. Usually with books (which is why I’ve never read Danielle Steel).

But I’ve jumped on this bandwagon.

The Whys:
  • Bobby Moynahan – SNL has never been a show I choose to watch, however, I have caught a few episodes here and there and Moynahan has never failed to make me L. O. L.
  • John Larroquette – For me, Larroquette is “that guy, in that movie.” I can never remember his name, but he always leaves an impression and now, he will forever be Jenkins/King Arthur from The Librarians (which I’m now nervous to see how he leaves that show when I’m finally all caught up, because I love Jenkins!)
  • The story – Even though I’m skeptical about the time jumps, I’m curious to see how they are going to do it. I don’t think a show has ever utilized this method of storytelling so I really want to know how it’s going to go.

So, while I’m still on holiday I’m doing a test run to see if I should add it to my main roster.


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